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Hunting Season is Open!

Howdy, buckaroos. The Sky Zoo Safari is just about ready to open. It's got most everything a good zoo should have: restrooms, ticket booths and gift shops. There's just one teensy little detail that needs to be settled before we can let the public inside: we don't have any animals! That's where you come in. By going out into the wilds, you can try wrangling a few critters until they're docile enough to want to settle down in captivity. It won't be easy; animals get mighty angry real quick, so unless you want to get trampled, you got to be as fast with your wits as you are with your whip.

Your First Rodeo

You don't know the meaning of rodeo until you've tried it out in a stampede. Animals are ripe for the taking everywhere you go, and they don't take a cowpoke bouncing around on their backs too well, so prepare for a fight!

  • Ride all sorts of crazy animals in the wilderness, including buffalo, elephants, gorillas and crocodiles, each with their own unique behaviors.
  • Leap from critter to critter with quick lassoing action.
  • Take pictures of all your successful captures. Adjust the distance, tune the angle, look heroic, and snap!
  • Blaze through all kinds of crazy environments, from the savannah to the jungle!
  • Keeping Your Zoo

    Sky Zoo Safari is the world's biggest and most well-known animal exhibition you can find in the clouds! That's not saying much, considering it's the only animal exhibition you can find in the clouds. If you want to run a successful zoo, you better start cracking.

  • Make your animal exhibits look more presentable to unlock extra perks.
  • Present your animals to the public and earn money from ticket sales.
  • Accept missions to get even more glory and coin.
  • Unlock new hats, clothes and appearances for your personal avatar.
  • More Fun than a Bucking Bronco

    If you're in the mood for a new flavor of endless runner, then look no further than Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari. It's the fastest and wildest runner imaginable, and it's filled to the brim with unlimited replay potential. Take the bull by the horns and join the rodeo today!