Royal Envoy - Task Management Download Free

A Storm-Ruined Economy!

Oh no! Something terrible has befallen our little kingdom! The tiny Islandshire Islands have been devastated by a terrible storm. What shall we do?

It is during the rainy season that the islanders make all of the beautiful things we wear and furniture we put in our homes. Their dwellings have been washed away and the rainy season will be here soon!

Wait, Cedric, the king's advisor has come up with a plan. If we can rebuild the resident's homes and business before the rainy season starts, our kingdom's economy will be saved! We need a master builder, but who will the king choose? You, that's who!

A Building and Strategy Game

The king has appointed the task of the rebuilding to you in this fun and challenging Strategy game Royal Envoy. With Cedric as your assistant, you will hire employees, manage natural resources, collect taxes, and build new structures to lease. The faster you build and clear debris the more money you will have available to make improvements to existing buildings. Hurry time if of the essence. The future of the kingdom is in your hands