Saints and Sinners Bingo - Boards Classic Download Free

You'll See Bingo in a Whole New Way!

Enter the wildest bingo tournament in the United States! Face opponents ranging from helpful grandmas to cutthroat generals in 20 places across the country. You've never played bingo like this before!

Defeat Your Opponents Through Chance and Strategy

This quirky bingo game is fast-paced and amusing as you hurry to create different bingo patterns to beat your opponents. You can play with one or two cards and you'll receive three numbers at a time to mark on your cards as fast as you can.

Each bingo hall has different objectives, like winning with a diagonal line, four corners, a little cross and more, or a cash objective. You can earn 20 charms to help you, like the apple pie charm, which keeps your opponents from marking their cards for a few seconds, or a lucky charm, which will give you a number on your card.

Exciting and Memorable

This game will keep you entertained for countless hours because it combines the excitement of fast-paced competition with the humorous remarks your opponents make and the strategy of using your charms. All gamers can enjoy this game because it's simple to play but tough to master.

Can you become the bingo champion? Challenge yourself now with Saints and Sinners Bingo!