Sauerbraten – Cube 2 - Action and Shooters Download Free

Hybrid Game Creator/First Person Shooter

From the Sauerbraten readme: "Official game storyline: 'You kill stuff. The End.'"

Also known as "Cube 2", Sauerbraten is a fun-filled FPS game that just happens to include a powerful game engine/editor. You can take of this rare feature to make your own unique level maps or even your own 3D game!

So if you're the creative type, Sauerbraten has plenty to keep you amused beyond the game itself. But the game is still plenty fun, especially thanks to its multiplayer feature, which will allow you to go online and challenge players from around the globe. And using the game's editor you can even collaborate with others to develop unique game maps!

This is the perfect freeware title for anyone who wants to shoot 'em up while adding a little personal touch!