Science Girls - RPG Download Free

These Girls are Tough and Ready to do Battle!

School is done for the day, but the science girls can't go home and relax yet because a host of alien plants is attacking the school! Help the six science-loving girls battle the plants using science, save everyone and still make it home in time for dinner!

Defeat Aliens in Classic RPG-Style

This endearing role-playing game will draw you in from the very beginning. Once you find all six science girls, you can control them all in battle, though only the three in front can attack. Level up their hit points, ability to dodge, punch attack and more, plus each girl's unique special move, such as Lightning and Hypnotize, by gaining experience from winning battles.

Explore the school and alien worlds and battle tons of enemies like vines, pods and more. A unique feature of this game is that once one of the girls runs out of hit points, she can no longer fight in the battle but she can be healed using a girl's power instead of having to find a resurrection point or special item like in many RPGs.

Charming, Memorable and Very Entertaining

The characters, animations and story are charming and will make you want to keep coming back to help the science girls. Learn interesting science facts about plants, rockets and more as the girls try to figure out what the aliens are and why they're here.

Hardcore RPG fans and casual gamers alike can experience the thrill of RPG-style battles and the fun of using science to destroy aliens because there are three difficulty levels.

Destroy aliens in the name of science now with Science Girls!

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