Secret Kingdom Defenders - Popular Download Free

Secret Kingdom Defenders is a new entry in the grid-based strategy genre. What helps to differentiate it from other titles in the market is its unique Oriental flavour.

The game asks you to control a squad through various self-contained levels, where you must set them up to defeat every enemy that appears on screen. You do this by making sure they're organised into the correct places according to their strengths – close range combat, long-range weaponry, and so on.

Battles are in real-time and controlled via swipes and taps on the touch screen. To progress beyond the opening levels improving upon your squad is essential. You can do this by summoning new characters and also improving on the equipment your current members are using.

There is also an online element where you can battle others and improve your ranking, with bonus loot available.

In-app purchases allow you to buy characters that you can add straight into your squad, but also Jade – which allows you to summon new random warriors to include in your team.