Shadowgrounds - RPG Download Free

Take on Alien Invaders in This Futuristic Shooter!

Become Wesley Tyler, a seemingly ordinary mechanic with an extraordinary task. Aliens have invaded Tyler's home planet, Ganymede, and it's up to him and the few survivors to kill the aliens and make it off the planet!

Take on alien monsters of varying sizes and difficulties to save the captain of a downed ship. Escape with the captain and destroy the alien mothership to save Ganymede!

Classic Shooter Fun with Entertaining Additions

In this top-down shooter, battle hordes of aliens, rescue survivors and find clues to the whereabouts of the downed captain and his ship. Pick up weapons along the way including pistols, grenade launchers, miniguns, flamethrowers and more.

Shadowgrounds uses light to obscure predators and hide secrets, but with your flashlight and motion detector, you should be fine–as long as you don't waste your limited power supply! Find ammunition, health, weapon upgrades and other useful clues in the puzzle-like levels as you demolish tons of aliens.

Go from Fixing Machines to Saving the Planet!

Take no prisoners in this rampage of a game. It is completely up to you to kill all the monsters, save the captain, destroy the mothership and escape. You have no help. Hopefully Wesley's mechanic skills and your sharpshooting can help him!

If you like classic, top-down shooters or games that require killing hordes of extraterrestrial monsters, then Shadowgrounds is the game for you!

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