Simplz Zoo - Just for fun Download Free

Build Your Dream Zoo in This Creative Game!

Your grandpa left you the beginnings of the greatest zoo in the world. Can you buy animals, exhibits, plants and more to create the most beautiful and popular zoo in the world?

An Exciting Blend of Match Three and Simulation

This innovative match three game blends zoo simulation with various types of match three gaming. Build your zoo however you want with many types of animals, vegetation and interesting buildings like the zoo academy and food vendors. There's no penalty for rearranging your zoo so be as creative as you want!

To make money and earn materials to build and maintain your zoo play match three games. If you make a match of three or more of the same tile, such as three bananas, then you earn that resource. You can swap tiles diagonally so you'll almost never get stuck!

Each match three level has unique objectives, including collecting a series of boxes that contain trees for your zoo, helping an animal move across the board by making matches in front of it, making matches over all path pieces to earn them for your zoo and much more.

Enjoy Endless Hours of Zoo Building and Match Three!

This game blends match three and zoo simulation very well because the better you do in match three levels the better animals and buildings you can buy for your zoo to improve its popularity. This blend will keep you busy strategizing for endless hours, and with so much to do and the cute animals to watch you won't get bored!

Help grandpa build his dream zoo now with Simplz: Zoo!