Slingo Mystery: Who’s Gold - Hidden Objects Download Free

Search for a Will Hidden in a Casino!

Freddy Gold died and left his will hidden somewhere in his casino. Can you beat Gloria and her henchman to the will by finding and unlocking the secrets of all the Slingo machines?

Embark on a frantic adventure as you dash through the empty casino in a desperate search to find Freddy's will!

Hidden Object Searches Makes Sense with the Story

In this hidden object adventure game, break into the casino and search for the Slingo machines by finding hidden objects. The hidden objects you find make sense with the story and are used in mini puzzles such as destroying security cameras with a slingshot.

Every time you find a Slingo machine you'll get to play the fun blend of bingo and slots. You have a grid of numbers and each Slingo machine has a different goal, such as getting 10 Slingos or 35,000 points. Push the Spin button to get a number below each column and click on the number if it appears in the column.

Enjoy Infinite Slingo

The Slingo mini games blend well with the story and break it up to keep things interesting. Once you unlock some machines you can discover unlimited Slingo gameplay, making this game infinitely replayable. The story is interesting and the hidden object searches make sense with the story, creating an enjoyable and memorable gaming experience.

For a fun-packed adventure, play Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold now and discover the secrets of the casino!