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Name That Tune (Again)!

SongPop 2 is the sequel to the wildly successful SongPop. The original SongPop was award winning, and the sequel builds on the original game’s winning formula to deliver more of what fans have come to love about this game.

Addictive Gameplay

Rounds of SongPop 2 are lightning quick, making it easy to play round after round. During a match, you will be presented with a very short soundbyte of a song along with four potential artists or song titles. Your goal is to match the song with the proper title before the time runs out.

To add to the challenge, the game pits you head to head against another player. If they guess the correct song quicker than you do, they earn more points. If they end up with more points in total, to them goes the victory!

Healthy Competition

SongPop 2 shows you exactly how many seconds it took you to make a correct answer, and it lets you see not only what your opponent guessed but how long it took them as well. Which of course means that they also get to see your choices and the time it took you to answer. This makes the game uniquely competitive. It’s not just about beating your opponent; it’s about guessing faster when it counts. The cycle of playing round after round is truly addicting, giving SongPop 2 nearly limitless replay value.

Broad Range of Genres Included

SongPop 2 covers way more than just Pop music, despite what its title might lead you to believe. Over 100,000 songs are listed in SongPop 2’s catalog, and they include Country, Rap, Rock, Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop and more. Top 40 Hits are represented along with songs from the decades. There is truly something for every musical taste here.

New Mascot and Cuteness Update

The original SongPop was fairly bland style-wise. It looked nice and polished, but nothing about its visuals was remotely memorable. SongPop 2 has a new mascot, Melody, and it has been massively overhauled to include some serious cuteness. Cool sounds, good looks. Great combo!

Discover New Music!

It’s inevitable that an opponent is going to choose a playlist that’s outside of your comfort zone. Incidentally, this is a wonderful way to find new favorite artists and songs! At the end of each round, SongPop 2 shows you the songs and artists in the round along with links to iTunes, Spotify and others, making it easy to round out your mp3 collection.

Unlockable Goodies

What’s more motivating than unlockables? SongPop 2 has tons of content to unlock, giving you the incentive to keep those matches going!

Free to Play

Like the original, SongPop 2 is absolutely free to play, making it a must try for anyone with a compatible device. Take heed though: this game is known to be habit forming!

Go Head to Head With Strangers

Are your friends just not responding to your game requests fast enough? Ask SongPop 2 to hook you up with a random opponent for in the moment music matching action, any time!