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A New Tower Awaits

If we've learned anything from playing games, it's that towers are meant to be
climbed. The reasons why don't matter; they're tall and usually have something
cool at the top. However, they also tend to be filled with all sorts of
horrible monsters that make climbing them a little hard. Luckily, you happen to
be a wizard talented in a very powerful school of magic. A school of magic
where spells are cast through the simple act of spelling itself!

Spell for Your Life!

Hopefully you've dusted off the old lexicon. Spelling is the name of the game
for Spellspire, metaphorically speaking, and every word you know could mean the
difference between life and death.

– Spell words to cast spells and slay your enemies.
– Cast more powerful spells by forming longer words.
– Loot fallen enemies and treasure chests for money, potions, scrolls and other
– Amass an arsenal of wands, robes and hats to make yourself more powerful.
– Fight zombies, goblins, skeletons, undead centaurs, gelatinous cubes, and

Aim for the Top

Spellspire is simple, but it will put your vocabulary skills to the test in a
way you never thought possible. If your brain is in need of some strenuous
mental exercises that can go everywhere you go, download it to your phone now
and spell your way to the top!