Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville - Racing And Driving Download Free

Editor's Update (10/28/14) – This is an older game but can be found in digital download format from Steam

The Race Track is Yours!

Feel the engine rumbling and your heart racing as you whip through the race course and finish first! Bring the excitement of professional car racing right to your computer with tons of races and game modes to play!

Race to the Top on Many Tracks

It's all about developing the perfect power skid to turn left around the oval, dirt courses. Start with simpler cars and work up to faster cars that require intense concentration to make those wild turns. Race on more than 20 tracks, including Dodge City, Williams Grove and even Knoxville Raceway.

Start as a nobody in Career Mode and work your way to the top of the ranks by hiring a driver, buying a car and more. Or jump right into racing and choose from Single Races by yourself, Championship Races to beat other drivers' times and a two-player mode. If you're good enough, you can even unlock six crazy racing vehicles like golf carts and dune buggies!

Intense Fun For One or Two Players

If you're looking for some fast-paced fun, this game is for you! Be prepared to work to perfect your turns, grit your teeth as your car speeds at more than 140 miles per hour and experience some crazy crashes.

Do you have what it takes to win the championships, or will the other cars leave you in the dust? Challenge yourself now with Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville!