Sprouts Adventure - Adventure Download Free

Rebuild a Broken Civilization

The adorable, part-plant, part-animal sprouts have been destroyed by a terrible storm! Only five of them remain to worship their egg-like deity: you.

Help them rebuild their beautiful home and raise new sprouts. Enjoy unique spells, fun characters and tons to do!

Care for the Sprouts and Help them Build

In this simulation game, care for your sprouts by keeping them well-fed, well-rested, curious and motivated. Manage which sprouts eat or play mushroom ball to improve their motivation and curiosity while others build huts, wishing wells and other buildings.

While your sprouts work, search for butterflies, stones and flowers for bonuses to make the sprouts happier. Learn spells like rain to create a garden and spells to hatch baby sprouts. Can you expand the sprout civilization and keep everyone happy?

Share this Game with the Whole Family

This game is great for both kids and adults because it's easy enough for kids to play but adults can enjoy the challenge of optimizing their sprout workforce. Enjoy hours of fun with your adorable sprouts and replay this game again and again. You'll develop great strategies for caring for all of your sprouts while still building their civilization and you'll have a great time doing so!

If you like cute simulation games with lots to do, play Sprouts Adventure now for an exciting challenge!