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The Beauty of Simplicity

In a world filled with mobile games that try to cram as much detail and complexity as they can into a screen so small, one app aims to be as simple as it can get. Featuring minimal but visually-pleasing abstract visuals, soothing sounds, and easy-to-learn one-tap controls, this is a game that just about anyone can play, but which will challenge you in all new ways. Its mission is this: to help you kill time during the most boring humdrums of everyday living. This app goes by the name of Stack and it's coming to an iOS or Android-powered device near you!

Stack Them Up!

Stack is so easy to grasp, so easy to learn, and so easy to play, that everything you need to know is right there in the title. There's no tutorial or learning curve to find here; just get ready to tap and you will be golden.

  • Tap the screen to place the block on the stack when it's in the right position.
  • Time it right to stack the block in its entirety.
  • Be careful! Mistimed stackings will break the block up and shrink the amount of space you have left to stack.
  • Stack forever until you miss a beat.
  • See how high you can go. Then go higher!
  • A Soothing Experience

    While Stack is a game first and foremost, you might be surprised to find it a relaxing experience as well, thanks to its simple mechanics and lovely minimalist graphics.

  • Features randomized visuals and believable physics.
  • Stack blocks that gradually change color.
  • Listen to soothing musical notes with every perfect stack you make.
  • Going Up

    If you want a simple no-frills game to help you pass the time while you're riding on the train or waiting in line, then Stack is the game for you. Its very simple and user-friendly design makes it a fantastic way to just kick back and let the minutes fly, but it will still challenge you in ways you never thought were possible. Ascend with Stack and see how high you can go!