Super BlackJack - Cards Download Free

Editor's Update (10/28/14) – This is an older game but there is still a free trial available from Gamehouse

It's Vegas, baby, and there's a seat at the VIP table just for you!

Take your place across from the dealer and start your winning streak now. Whether you're just looking to pass the time or you're already a polished card-counter, Super Blackjack delivers with two full games in one package!

Super Vegas Blackjack brings all the intensity and adrenaline rush of high-stakes casino blackjack, while Super Barroom Blackjack is perfect for the more laid-back player.

Complete training mode teaches you all the tricks of the trade

New to the game? With strategy drills, Super Blackjack helps you learn all the rules and basic strategies, even making decision-making suggestions and recommendations as you play in training mode.

For the more advanced player, the concept of card counting is explained in depth, and with the game's flash cards you can practice that too!

Lots of features give you the full Blackjack experience

Full-screen graphics make it easy to see your chip count, current bet, and options to stay, split, or double down just like real blackjack!

Casino-inspired lights and sound effects deepen the experience, while special games and customizable options allow you to change the House rules to suit yourself.

Super Blackjack also offers a comprehensive help file and tips for playing in the real world, so you're all ready to go. Break the bank today and download Super Blackjack!