Supreme Commander - Real Time Strategy Download Free

Bring Your Enemies to Their Knees!

It's the 37th century and only you have the power to end the one-thousand-year long Infinite War and reign supreme over three races. Do you have the battle prowess to lead your race to victory, or will the war rage on forever?

Enter a world where tons of unique units and vehicles clash on huge battle fields complete with nuclear explosions, flaming wreckage and more, all so realistic you'll have to remind yourself that it's just on your computer.

Create Intense, Devastating Battles With a Variety of Units

In this real-time strategy game, battle as each of the three races, all of which believe they are fighting for what is truly right. Devise intense battle plans on huge maps measured in virtual kilometers. Wage air, sea and land battles with tons of unique units.

Create energy and harvest mass to churn out units. Upgrade through three tech levels that let you build increasingly better units, buildings and vehicles like tanks, submarines, naval destroyers that can sprout legs and walk on land, siege assault bots and much more.

Build expensive but game-changing experimental units like the Cybran Monkeylord, a huge, walking tank armed with an extremely devastating laser, and wreak supreme havoc on your enemies!

Intense Graphics and Deep Strategy

This game will keep you busy with the three campaigns, each with five or six lengthy missions, and multiplayer mode. Strategy is a must as you choose which units to create, balance your economy and decide how to attack the enemy. Regardless of how you play, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat with its incredible graphics, devastating units and the fight for your race's existence!

Do you have the skills to become the supreme commander of the world? Challenge yourself now with Supreme Commander!