Tales of Lagoona 3: Frauds, Forgeries, and Fishsticks - Hidden Objects Download Free

Poseidon Park is in trouble once again as the latest repairs have gone horribly awry. Mayor Finn has disappeared and Leona and Theo are desperate to save the park from the ploys of the crafty Mayor Peabody! Join a quirky cast of characters working together to save Poseidon Park.

Take quests from the townsfolk, solve over 250 puzzles in the new arcade, search through brand new clutter scenes, and complete hundreds of achievements, trophies, bonus goals, and more! Collect tokens throughout Poseidon Park to enter the new arcade and earn gold to repair the park. Seek out hidden gems, rummage through the park's clutter, and choose from hundreds of park upgrades! Your journey awaits in this undersea adventure!