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A Monumental Occasion

The year was 1994 when a new game hit the arcades and took the world by storm.
Called Tekken, it revolutionized the fighting game genre with its then
state-of-the-art visuals and three-dimensional arenas that changed the way
people could brutalize each other. It kick-started a franchise, spawned over a
dozen sequels and spin-offs on just about every gaming platform to come out
since, grew bigger, got better, and has finally come to a mobile phone near
you. Better tighten your headband and stretch out your muscles, because the kid
gloves are coming off.

Mobile Tekken

You want bone-breaking, face-smashing, butt-kicking action? You've come to the
right place. All the intense brawling you've grown to love from Tekken is here,
and you can experience it all in the palm of your hand!

  • Choose from a roster of over 20 characters, including old favorites and a few new faces.
  • Punch, kick, dodge and block all with the stroke of a finger!
  • Experience a whole new chapter in the Tekken saga with the app's Story Mode.
  • Test your mettle against players all over the world with intense online player-versus-player combat.
  • And more!

A Champion in the Ring

If you're a longtime Tekken fan who's always on the move, then this mobile
edition of the classic fighter is a dream come true. On the other hand, if
you're a newcomer who's just itching for a fight, then you've still come to the
right place. Tekken is the app for aspiring brawlers of all stripes, so get it
and get in the ring today!