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Time for Another Not-So-Leisurely Jog

It's just one of those days. One moment, you think you've just made the discovery of a lifetime within the ruins of some ancient civilization. The next, you're running for your life from over a thousand pounds of demonic simian fury. It stinks, but that's just the way things are sometimes. No one ever said archeology was easy after all.

Get ready to sprint a few hundred more laps around what remains of the ancient precursors. If you want to survive the treacherous ruins of Temple Run 2, then you'll have to brave even more deadly traps, escape an even more fearsome guardian, and run even faster than you thought a human could ever possibly run. If that sounds dangerous, that is because it is, but fear not! An arsenal of even more awe-inspiring powers is at your disposal, provided you have the courage and endurance to grab them.

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The Sights and Sounds of the Temple

Delve deep enough into the temple ruins, and you will both see and learn many amazing secrets. That is provided you're able to get in and out of them alive.

  • Escape death in all sorts of temples, including Sky Summit, Blazing Sands and the Frozen Shadows.
  • Sprint through a never-ending world that changes with every run you attempt.
  • Traverse the temples by simply running, snowboarding on a giant skull, rolling on a mine cart, sliding down waterways, and more!
  • Avoid deadly hazards like flaming traps, bottomless chasms, sheer cliff walls, falling rocks, felled trees, spinning saw blades and so on.
  • Survive the hazards of the temples with a dozen different characters.
  • How to Avoid Huge Apes

    You need to be fast on your feet if you want to have any hope of getting out of this temple in one piece. Luckily, you don't need to actually use your feet to survive Temple Run 2; you just need some fast-acting fingers.

  • Stroke your finger upward to leap into the air and sail over earthborn obstacles.
  • Slice downward to slide under overhanging hazards without missing a beat in your step.
  • Slip a digit to the left or right to make a sharp turn. You don't want to be crashing into any walls now.
  • Tilt your device to change lanes, navigate over narrow pathways, and avoid obstructions on the road.
  • Don't slow down! The skull-headed ape is right behind you, and he's got an appetite for human flesh.
  • Give Yourself the Edge

    Running through the temple is a lot like a race, except if you lose, then you die. That alone should give you enough incentive to keep on running. Just in case it isn't, then make it your mission to nab all the pick-me-ups you find along the way. More often than not, they will determine how much of you will be left once you get out of this crumbling primate house.

  • The Shield will absorb one fatal hit for you.
  • The Coin Magnet will automatically draw all coins to your position.
  • The Boost will make you completely invulnerable. Nothing will stop you or slow you down, including bottomless pits!
  • And more!
  • It Goes the Distance

    If the endless runner genre could be likened to a nation, then Temple Run 2 would be its king. With danger lurking around every corner, high-speed chases, endless bounties of treasure, and always-changing scenery, it's easy to see why. It's a tough game to master, and an even harder one to put down, so if you're feeling up to the challenge, see how far you can go in Temple Run 2!