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Celebrate Over 30 Years of Tetris

Gaming has come a long way. Graphics have improved, AI has grown smarter, virtual worlds have expanded, and new ways of storytelling have been discovered. However, even amongst these many innovations and technological advances, a very select few have not only stayed true to their roots, but also retained the popularity they had on the days they were released. Tetris is one of those games. The beloved block-stacking, row-clearing puzzler has been keeping gamers happily distracted since 1984, and it's going to continue doing so with the latest version available for mobile devices.

This free Tetris download comes with everything everyone loves about Tetris. It has all six of the classic tetrimino shapes, the steadily growing level of challenge that ranges from "nice and relaxing" to "panic-inducing," and the simple but still brain-bending level of strategy that's easy to learn, hard to master, and impossible to put down. All of this combined with a host of brand new features will guarantee that you'll never look at Tetris the same way again!

Control the Flow

The latest version of mobile Tetris lets you decide how the game should be played. With revolutionary touchscreen controls, the long-running classic has never been easier to pick up.

  • Use classic swipe controls. Swipe horizontally to determine the tetrimino's position, and swipe downward to speed up its descent.
  • Play Tetris with One-Touch controls for a faster-paced experience. Choose the place you want the block to fall with a single tap of your finger, and let the game do the rest.
  • Try Drag-and-Place mode for more precise block positioning.

New Tricks for a Classic Game

The beautiful thing about Tetris is that there are many ways its simple rules can be applied. This mobile version allows you to experience the timeless classic like never before.

  • Experience classic Tetris with Marathon mode. Enter a series of progressively more challenging levels where the tetriminos fall at a faster rate.
  • See Tetris in a whole new light with Galaxy mode. Dig your way to the core at lightning speed and in as few turns as possible.
  • Connect to the online Facebook leaderboards. Climb to the highest rank and see how you compare against Tetris players all over the world.
  • And more!

Play One of the Best for Free

Tetris remains one of the most fun and addictive pieces of software to ever grace the computing scene, and the best part is that this is a free Tetris download. That's right; everything that everyone loves about Tetris can now be experienced without paying a cent. If you're an old fan of this amazing series, or a newcomer who's wondering what all the fuss is about, then give it a whirl, add Tetris to your library, and enjoy this beloved classic everywhere your travels take you.

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