Tetris Zone - Arcade Classic Download Free

A New Twist on the Legend

Tetris is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time, with fans the world over. First developed in the Soviet Union in 1984, Tetris has been made available on almost every platform in existence, from computers to smart phones and everything in between.

Tetris Zone is everything players love about the original Tetris with some modern extras added in to make the game the best its ever been. Whether you're a long term Tetris fanatic or a newcomer to the game, Tetris Zone is the game for you!

One of the Best Puzzles Ever Created

The concept of Tetris is deceptively simple and easy for beginners to grasp, yet the game is also difficult to master. The game is played on the center of the screen, and blocks fall down the matrix area in randomly generated patterns. If a player manages to arrange the blocks in a solid row ten spaces wide, that row will disappear.

The unique shapes of the blocks make this a satisfying challenge. 7 different block shapes fit together in particular ways and are movable until they stick to the floor or another block. Players may move them from side to side and may rotate them in 90 degree increments. If the blocks reach the very top of the matrix, it's game over. Practice makes perfect.

The bigger the move, the higher the score. Making 4 rows disappear at once is called a tetris, and this gives players a nice bonus. Also, in this modern version of the game the blocks remain movable for a short time after hitting a block or the floor. This will enable you to position blocks in tight spaces never before possible. Be sure to try for the T spin bonus!

4 Different Game Modes

Tetris Zone has the following 4 game modes designed to keep the game interesting for the long haul:

  • Marathon: Work through fifteen levels of puzzle mayhem.
  • Sprint: The race is on to clear 40 lines!
  • Challenge: How far can you get in 10 minutes?
  • Master: Hard drops only mode. Can you manage it?

Perfect Controls

The default controls for Tetris Zone are intuitive and easy to use. However, they are also fully customizable, guaranteeing a comfortable experience for all players. You can feel free to set any keys you want, and you can always go back to the default settings again if desired.

Replays and World Leaderboard

Tetris Zone offers instant access to replays of your best ever games. Also, see how you stack up against other Tetris Zone players by visiting the global leaderboards.

With gorgeous graphics and calm, soothing sound, Tetris Zone does this classic puzzle game justice. Tetris appeals to a broader audience than most puzzle games, making it a must play for anyone who enjoys a good game.

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