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Building the Blocks

Humans are a creative species. Give one a pile of dirt, and
he'll make something out of it in due time. It is proof that we are not brainless
blockheads, but intelligent beings. That is precisely why The Blockheads need
our help! Lost in a vast cubic world with only the clothes on their backs, it
will be your job to help these people reach their full potential through the
very act of creation itself.

Harvest, Refine and Build

The world of The Blockheads may seem empty and desolate, but
it won't be for long. Through simple intuition, you can use the landscape as a
canvas to create something truly special.

  • Harvest
    dirt, wood, sand, stone and metal from the environment.
  • Craft
    a vast array of tools like spades, pickaxes, machetes, bows and more.
  • Bring
    you imagination to life. Build houses, castles, towers and everything else
    you can envision.
  • Work
    your way up to the sky, or dig deep underground.

Brave the World

Building is all well and good, but even Blockheads need to
eat. Take good care of them, and they'll turn your vision into a reality.

  • Hunt,
    gather and cook food.
  • Set up
    a safe shelter to rest in for the night.
  • Get
    more Blockheads and improve their productivity.
  • And

Don't be a Blockhead

The Blockheads is the go-to app for gamers that are just
bursting with creativity. If you've got a hankering to start doing some serious
world-building, get this app right now and start digging!