The Dark Legions - Real Time Strategy Download Free

Find Vengeance on the Evil King Frank Kalap!

In the year of 1267, the evil dark lord King Frank Kalap foresaw his defeat by enemy forces lead by a child. His assassins scoured the country side. They laid waste to entire villages in order to find this future threat and eliminate him.

In the end they found their target and destroyed his entire family, but for his brother Theodric who fled into the woods. Now comes the time for Theodric to seek his vengeance upon the evil King Frank Kalap and bring peace to the land.

Classic RTS Action

Get ready to quench your thirst for medieval real-time strategy gaming with Dark Legions. Add in a dash of large maps and a unique campaign storyline, and participate in epic battles as you build up your empire.

Explore the immersive story or play against computer players in the equally entertaining random maps.

Refined Gameplay

Dark Legions presents an enjoyable RTS experience that is akin to many other mainstream games. Let yourself get drawn in to the resource and base management aspects of the game, and stay for the heroic battles with 18 different unit types at your command.

If you are any fan of real-time strategy games, then download Dark Legions and bring down the evil king!