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The General is a turn based strategy game of resources and conquest. You are in charge of hiring your commanders and manage the political, scientific, and economic factors of your nations. The game features a very smart computer artificial intelligence that will challenge the best of strategists. Internet and network play supported. Freeware.

Short Review (Borrowed from developer's site)

2 to 20 states can take part in each game. In the beginning of the game each of the states gets an equal territory and equal resources. You are the leader (or a marshal, as you wish) of one of them. Your goal is to unite the world under your rule, upon conquering all the other states.

In the game process you will have to solve issues of economy, science and military politics. You are going to hire scientists, recruit soldiers and purchase generals. You can put most of your resources into science, or, alternatively, build a militarized state. In any case, you cannot just quitely sit the game through. If you are passive, the others are going to get you!

The largest merit of "The General" is its superior artificial intelligence! Just try playing it, and you'll see for yourself. It is important that the computer is not confined to some certain rigid scheme of play and it reacts adequately to the actions of other players. The computer does not cheat and it never peeks in the achievements of human players, unlike so many other games. It plays so well just because it is smart. 🙂