The Hidden Object Show - Hidden Objects Download Free

You're in the Spotlight! Can You Win Five Million Dollars?

Become a contestant in a new game show! Search for special items to win five million dollars and tons of prizes!

Search for Objects in 11 Different Ways

Feel the pressure of being on stage and listen to the cheering crowd as you search for a list of objects in cluttered rooms. Once you find all the objects, step up to the big wheel and take a spin to find out which mini game you'll be competing in next.

There are 10 creative mini games to play. Enjoy spot the differences, find and replace, solving riddles to figure out which objects to find and a unique mini game where the scene is split into a grid and you must find certain sections of the grid that are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Search for hints and chips that allow you to skip mini games you don't like. Rack up the prizes, from toasters to coffee makers to tons of money! What will you win next?

Win Big and Enjoy Hours of Entertainment

With 30 unique scenes, 330 rounds and 10 mini games, this game will keep you busy for more than 15 hours! Enjoy the fun game show atmosphere with a cheering crowd and wisecracking host. With so many unique mini games, this game will keep your attention and stand out as a unique hidden object game!

Can you become a millionaire? See how good your searching skills are now with The Hidden Object Show!