The Price is Right - Puzzle Download Free

Are you a better contestant than the ones on TV?

Come on down to play The Price Is Right game! You get to compete in all the great challenges found in the TV show!

First come on down to Contestant's Row where you will be bidding on different products.  Get the closest bid without going over and you are on to one of the great games.

Step on the stage with Bob Barker and play one of 16 classic Price is Right games including Plinko, the Range Game, Cliffhanger, Hole in One, Freeze Frame and more. 

You will then spin the Big Wheel and see if you can get the closest to $1.00.  Do this and you are on to the Showcase Showdown where you get to bid for the best prizes of all!

The Price is Right Download Features:

  • Single Player Mode: Play multiple shows while avoiding strikes to rack up the biggest winnings.
  • Party Mode: Up to 4 players compete against each other; winner determined by the cumulative value of prizes earned during the game.
  • 16 of the most popular pricing games, plus Contestant's Row, Big Wheel & Showcase.
  • Theme music, announcer audio and game sounds create a true-to-show game experience.

Think you can be the best bidder?  Go ahead and give the free trial a shot and live out your desire to be on one of the greatest game shows ever created!