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The Sims are Back

The long-running, award-winning Sims franchise has finally come to mobile platforms everywhere. Now you can enjoy everything that made The Sims the mega-hit it is today while you're on the move. Create all sorts of distinct virtual people and guide them through the roller coaster of life as they work, play and form lasting relationships with one another. Design and furnish a home for your families to live in while improving their livelihoods. Build an entire neighborhood to host your creations, and take it with you everywhere you go. Life is literally in your hands with The Sims FreePlay.

Customize Your Sims

As always, The Sims wouldn't be The Sims if you couldn't design the way your little virtual people looked. It might be played on a smaller screen, but The Sims FreePlay gives you options galore.

  • Make both male and female characters.
  • Create all manner of unique-looking characters in any way you like. Customize your Sims' skin tones, hair styles, faces and eye colors.
  • Doll your Sims up with hundreds of tops, pants, shoes and accessories.

Live and Help Live

Life is the name of the game for The Sims, but they need a helping hand. Guide your Sims through both the major and minor hurdles of life to ensure their safety and happiness.

  • Keep your Sims healthy, clean and hygienic. Make sure they eat healthy, wash regularly, and empty their bladders before they get too full.
  • Put Sims together and watch them interact, form deep friendships with one another, and perhaps become something more.
  • Watch Sims mature over time, growing from precious babies to wise adults.
  • Get the Sims on the fast track of life. Pursue up to nine careers, including firefighting, real estate, science, teaching and acting.
  • Make life worth living. Keep your Sims happy and entertained by taking up over 30 hobbies.

Home Sweet Home

Raising your Sims is only half the fun. The other half is in putting together their dream home. The options are virtually limitless, and with an entire neighborhood of houses waiting for you, your creativity is boundless.

  • Expand your home. Extend the house, add additional rooms, put up more walls, and more.
  • Decorate your house's floors and walls with dozens of carpets, tiles, paint colors and wallpapers.
  • Furnish your home with all manner of beds, lamps, stoves, tables, sofas and toilets.
  • Decorate your domicile and lawn with clocks, statues, trees and flowers.
  • And much more!

Play Sims for Free

The Sims FreePlay has everything a Sims fan could ever want. There's nigh infinite customization, endless charm, loveable characters for you to create, and a sense that life will always go on no matter what. True to its name, it's also completely free. If you're a longtime fan of the franchise, or somebody who's just looking for something new to experience, then download The Sims FreePlay today and bring a whole new world to life.