The Spirit Engine 2 - RPG Download Free

The Civilized World Hangs by a Thread

Enter a fantasy world threatened by a cult of assassins. Only a feeble thread of peace keeps two opposing nations from waging a violent war, and that thread is stretched too thin as both sides blame each other for the assassins. Embark on an epic journey packed with ancient secrets, political intrigue and tons of exciting battles!

Enjoy this game as a stand-alone adventure or as a continuation of The Spirit Engine featuring great graphics and a moving soundtrack.

Classic Battling and Leveling Fun

Before you start this side-scrolling adventure game, choose from nine different characters. The plot will vary depending on which three party members you select. Then choose your difficulty level and decide whether you want to leave it unlocked so you can switch in the middle of the game.

Battle a variety of unique monsters and level up each character's skills, such as hack skills, passive skills, healing and more. Create chains of skills for each character to use during battle and even choose when to let them pause to build up larger attacks.

Replay Again and Again to Experience All the Characters

The deep story and interesting characters will keep you coming back to continue this game, and once you're finished, you can play again using different sets of characters to enjoy plot changes. Devise unique skill chains for your characters and wage intense battles for long hours of exciting, addicting fun!

Without your help, the world will fall into war and chaos! Battle to save civilization now with The Spirit Engine 2!

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