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Tricks on the Trail

The Trail is a sort of hiking simulator, where it's your job to reach the Town of Eden Falls. By walking several kilometers and sometimes making yourself shoes out of rabbit scraps. In my travels I've yet to understand the appeal, but I have picked up a few tricks along the way.

Keep a Sharp Eye

Resources are important for just about everything, and the best way to get them is to find them on the path.

  • Look for anything with an aura around it. Anything you can pick up will have a soft glow around it – red for quest items, and a light blue for everything else.
  • Don't get greedy. Your pack can only hold so much, and if you're looking for something specific you'll want to make sure you have space for it. It's okay to leave a few things behind.
  • Tap and hold for details. If you can't figure out what an item is for whatever reason, tap and hold it to bring up a description.
  • Crafting Helps

    If you want to gather anything other than the most basic of resources, you're going to need to make some tools.

  • Wearables help your hiker. Things like hats and shoes will allow your hiker to travel faster and/or longer.
  • Tools give you more actions. Crafting tools such as axes or slingshots will allow you to do a few more things as you walk along the path, and will net you more advanced crafting materials.
  • Be mindful of durability. Everything you craft can (and will) break when you use it for long enough. Keep an eye on how your gear is doing and make replacements as needed.
  • Make it even if you don't need it. Everything you can put in your bag – equipment, materials, etc – can be traded at a camp for other beneficial things.
  • Lots of Meh

    The Trail might sound like an interesting game full of frontier exploration and potential adventure, but it really isn't. It's mostly just a bunch of walking and the occasional grabbing of junk off the side of the road. If that interests you then cool, but there are so many other more compelling and entertaining mobile games available.