Top Chef - Task Management Download Free

Take Part in the Popular Cooking TV Show!

Join a group of amateur chefs as they compete to become the Top Chef. Play the part of the young and naïve chef, Anna, as she competes against her arrogant, condescending rival, Charles, and the rest of the contestants.

Take part in a 15 episode series each involving two Quickfire rounds (prepare dishes with specific criteria) and one Elimination round (make multiple courses to stay in the game). Don't be that chef who gets the lowest score and must "pack up your knives" and head home.

Interesting Game Style

While other cooking games give you a recipe or make you explicitly follow a to-do list for a dish, Top Chef provides a slightly different challenge.

For each dish, you have to add the ingredients that you think are most appropriate. For instance when making a vegetable side dish, the game might ask for a red vegetable. Then after looking in your pantry, you can choose either to add a tomato or a red pepper. The choice is yours.

You have a variety of ingredients to choose from, all of which fall into three types: vegetables, meats and protein, and flavorings. It will take all of your skills to pick just the right ingredient that adds that distinct flavor which will complete a dish.

Be Creative With Your Dishes

Top Chef presents a fun and challenging game experience. With a wide assortment of ingredients and a variety of ways to combine them, you can create nearly any meal.

Play around until you find the perfect blend of spices and meats which will impress those judges. See how many episodes you can last in this ambitious TV show simulation.

If you enjoy cooking games or the reality TV series, download Top Chef today and find that dish which will seal your victory as the Top Chef!