Totem Tribe - Real Time Strategy Download Free

The Epoch of The Comet Has Arrived

With a burning light in the sky and scorched land, the new Epoch of the Comet has begun and with it comes a threat to the peace which the land has so enjoyed.

You must take the role of Aruku, the young woman chieftain of the Hawk Tribe, as she leads her tribe to glory and prosperity all while working to bring back harmony to the planet.

Help her along as you travel between 23 different islands and search for jewels, totems, and many other items to aid you in your quest. Construct buildings and units in order to establish a village on each island and explore the mysteries each one holds.

Unique Strategy Experience

Totem Tribe plays like many RTS style games, you start out with a small village consisting of a few huts and the majority of the map is covered by black fog. It is then up to you to build huts to train more workers so that other buildings may be constructed. For example, you can build a barracks to train military units which protect your village or scout lodges to train agile scouts to explore the island.

Each building produces a set number of units, such as one hut produces three workers, and they will constantly replenish your forces until this max number is reached. Commands are also very simple to issue since workers automatically go to new construction projects, while scouts and fighters follow flags which you can place anywhere on the map.

Deep Strategy and Exploration

With a building and research tree as well as main objectives and side-quests for each island, Totem Tribe provides hours of strategy gameplay. You can enjoy the construction and combat parts of the game, and then delve even further to find all the hidden objects which require you to decipher a variety of puzzles and riddles.

You will most likely find yourself jumping back and forth between islands in order to solve certain puzzles that require some skill or item which can only be obtained later in the game.

If you like complex strategy games, download Totem Tribe today and lead your people to victory!