Tri-Peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring - Cards Download Free

A Cursed Ruby Ring and a Mess of Traps!

Tex and Ally are on a wild quest to find a cursed ruby ring before their rivals can. Can you help them escape from terrible traps and hunt down the ring?

Venture through gorgeous sites in India, Easter Island, China and more on this thrilling solitaire quest!

Tri-Peaks Solitaire With Fun Twists!

This game features the strategic solitaire game Tri-Peaks but with fun twists. The goal of Tri-Peaks is to remove cards from the three peaks by clicking on cards on the peaks that are one number higher or lower than the face up card in the foundation deck. But keep strategy in mind or the card you need to complete the peak may have already been passed by!

Try to get streaks of seven cards or more to earn rubies. The rubies are used in a mini game where you direct falling rubies into different cups worth different amounts of points. Every once in awhile, Ally will appear wrapped in ropes above a burning pit and beg you to clear a certain number of peaks in a small amount of time-talk about an adrenaline rush!

A cute feature is watching Tex navigate through traps at the top of the screen. If you win the hand, Tex will dodge the fireball or jump over the spike, but if you don't win the hand, watch out! As he progresses, he will find treasure chests that may hold points, rubies or power-ups such as a score multiplier or a card that allows a face-up deal.

Incredibly Addicting and Entertaining!

Featuring one of the most addicting solitaire games out there, this game is sure to entertain anyone looking to practice their strategy or relax with a card game. The amazing audio and visual effects and the humorous characters add a charming factor to the traditional Tri-Peaks game. You can play Tri-Peaks without end because this game has great replay value and you'll want to return to the fun characters and clever twists time after time.

This game features all the Tri-Peaks you can imagine and a great storyline-what more could you need for fun entertainment? Start playing now and enter the enjoyment!