Typhoon 2001 - Arcade Classic Download Free

Remake of arcade classic Tempest!

Typhoon 2001 is a fantastic remake of the Atari Jaguar classic Tempest 2000, a much beloved arcade-style shoot 'em up.

Much like the original, Typhoon 2001 puts you in control of a claw-like ship on a 3D playing field, and the goal is to shoot every enemy coming your way. Don't let the enemy 'flippers' reach the top of your field, or you'll have to start the level over!

Featuring over 100 dazzling levels that feature beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack, and intense action that gradually gets more challenging – Typhoon 2001 is a remake that actually manages to improve upon the original in many ways. So, hitch up your PC and get blasting with this pulse-raising free game!

Game Features:

  • Incredible graphics
  • Awesome sound
  • 100 Levels
  • 7 different enemies
  • Slowly rising difficulty level
  • Select starting level
  • Controlled by keyboard, mouse or gamepad
  • Built in leveleditor