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A Portable Puzzler

It’s time to put your thinking cap on. Unblock Me is a game of mental prowess that aims to test your puzzle-solving abilities, sense of space, and long-term planning skills like never before. Few other games out there can make something look so simple and yet have them be so fiendishly difficult, but that’s exactly what you will get in Unblock Me. Should you ever find yourself with a few free moments in your busy schedule, nothing will keep you occupied better than one of this game’s many brain-bending puzzles.

Simple in Concept, Challenging in Practice

The object of Unblock Me is easy. All you have to do is guide a single crimson-colored block out of a maze of regular blocks. In order to accomplish this, you must move the blocks around in a manner that will open the exit. Does that sound easy enough for you? It might seem that way at first, but watch out; you will be amazed at how tough these puzzles can get later on!

  • Slide every block around with a simple stroke of your finger.
  • Move blocks that have been laid out horizontally left and right.
  • Move vertically-arranged blocks up and down.
  • Solve over six thousand distinct puzzles.
  • Reset the puzzle at anytime if you feel that you may have hit a wall.

Customize Your Game and Your Challenge

There’s more than one way to play Unblock Me. The game provides several ways to challenge you so that no matter what kind of gamer you are, there will always be something that is sure to twist your mind.

  • Try your hand at four different levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.
  • Solve the puzzles via two different game modes: Relaxed and Challenge.
  • Play Relaxed mode to simply find the solution for every puzzle you come across.
  • Play Challenge mode to see how efficiently you can solve the puzzles. Earn a three-star grade for your performance by using as few moves as possible.
  • Replay puzzles you have already completed either for the sake of fun, to get some much needed practice in for the tougher ones ahead, or to improve your score.
  • Alter the color of your blocks to get a look that suits you best.

Play for Free Forever

If you have a mobile device with touch-screen capabilities, like an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or an Android smartphone, then you can get started on playing Unblock Me right away. Better yet, you won’t have to spend cash whatsoever in order to enjoy all that the game has to offer; this version of Unblock Me is completely free and ready to play as soon as you download it!

If money is tight and/or you’re constantly busy and on the move, then you cannot possibly go wrong with Unblock Me Free. It’s a challenging little puzzler that is easy to learn, demonically difficult to master, and which is guaranteed to make you keep coming back for more. There is always just one more puzzle to solve and with a little time, even the ones that have you stumped can be cracked.