Vietnam War Ho Chi Minh Trail - Action and Shooters Download Free

Fight wave after wave of enemy soldiers!

Get ready to literally feel the heat of battle as you assume the role of an American soldier at the height of the Vietnam conflict. At your disposal are an M16, mortars, minigun, RPG, and a trusty pistol to fight off wave after wave of Vietcong.

  • "Fun and exciting game, Very addicting, been playing it for months now still very fun!" – Jesse LaRose, Vietnam War Player

The odds are hopelessly stacked against you as hundreds of enemy soldiers rush your position. However, you have some handy equalizers at your diposal: artillery and napalm strikes. When the going gets too tough, simply select these special area damage weapons, assign a target, and let it rip. Planes fly in and drop a wave of napalm, just like was seen in the movie "We Were Soldiers", a big inspiration for the game.

When you run out of ammo, simply call in a Huey chopper for an ammo dump but be on your guard. If you don't protect the Huey's landing, it could get shot down!

Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail attempts to make your game experience as realistic as possible. Movies and war documentaries were studied intensely for reference in creating this game. Weapon performance, uniforms, environment, and enemy behavior were all researched and replicated in the game. The whiz of bullets, enemy yells, weapon discharges, and napalm drops all bring the intensity of war right to you on your PC.