Wings of Honor – Battles of the Red Baron - Action and Shooters Download Free

Become a Flying Ace of World War I

It's 1916 and the Angels of Annihilation, the Allies' best pilots, are battling Manfred von Richthofen and the Red Baron during World War I. You choose which group to support-will the Red Baron perish or remain king of the skies?

Enjoy this fast-paced airplane shooter game that stays true to the times of World War I.

Shoot Enemies With an Easy-to-Control Airplane

Fly 24 of the most famous airplanes of World War I and shoot down enemy aircraft and bases. You can choose to play as the Germans or the Allies, but whichever side you choose, you're guaranteed to fight tons of action-packed battles!

Complete missions on three difficulty levels including destroying enemy heavy artillery bases and destroying all enemy aircraft. Watch out for changing weather and be careful not to shoot civilians! The controls are easy to use; you don't have to know anything about flying airplanes to play.

Enjoy Fast-Paced Battles and Multiplayer Mode

Learn about the aircraft, fighting and some important people of World War I. Engage in fast-paced air battles to relieve stress and boredom and once you've beaten one side, replay the game again as the other side. You can even play in multiplayer mode for more extreme battles!

Prove yourself as a flying ace now with Wings of Honor: Battles of the Red Baron Arcade!