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In the Navy

World of Warships takes the online multiplayer action of World of Tanks and takes to the water with a sole focus on naval battles. It's a bit slower, but also a little more nuanced.

Battle Stations!

You definitely won't get away with moving in circles and rapidly shooting here.

  • Set it and forget it. You set your ship's speed in increments, and once set it won't change on its own. This means that your ship will continue moving forward at the speed you designate until you yourself do otherwise.
  • Keep a sharp eye. Because your ship won't stop moving on its own, you'll want to be mindful of your surroundings. Glance at the mini-map every now and then and zoom out to look around a bit. If you're not careful you could crash into some rocks or even another ship.
  • Your shots are slow. Unlike tank shells or even bullets, the ordinance you fire from your ship's cannons take a bit to reach their target – up to several seconds if you're far enough apart. Be sure to take this into account when aiming as that hang-time will require some pretty significant leading of the target in order to hit.
  • Angle is important. How you position your ship can be vital in combat, as the cannons are limited in where they can aim due to its very structure. From head-on, only the forward cannon can fire. Likewise with the rear cannon and aiming behind yourself. If you want to fire all cannons at once, you're going to need to turn your ship so that most of the side is facing your target. This makes you easier to hit, but it also means you can potentially deal much more damage.
  • You Sunk My Battleship

    World of Warships ends up being both similar to and different from its older sibling. The main difference being the slower pace and need to aim more deliberately. Whether or not that's an improvement depends on what you're looking for, but regardless, if you're not a fan of online competitive multiplayer chances are this isn't going to win you over.