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Enjoy 11 Awesome Games!

Enjoy 11 of the best board games in one easy place! Play chess, checkers, Pachisi, backgammon, Chinese Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Blocked!, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, Catch the Hat and Peg Solitaire.

Easy to Pick Up and Play Anytime

This pack of games is great because you have opponents available all the time! You can change their skill levels to make the games harder or easier.

Each game comes with easy-to-understand instructions and an interesting 3D game board. You can play all you want and switch between games as often as you want to!

Great for Gamers of All Ages and Skill Levels

With so many games available in this pack you'll always have something fun to do! This game can easily become part of family game night because you can play against the computer or friends and there's no mess to clean up afterward.

Gamers wanting to learn new games can do so easily with the quick instructions and gamers wanting to replay childhood favorites won't be disappointed!

Game board fans won't want to miss World's Most Famous Board Games!