Worms 2 - Wars And Strategy Download Free

So Crazy and So Fun!

What could be better than the first Worms game, you ask? Why, the second Worms game, of course – it's Worms 2, new and improved!

  • "The most brilliant and most entertaining game that I have ever played! This game keeps me glued to the PC for hours on end. It's brilliant fun for all who play the game. The graphics are brilliant and game itself has been planned with great brilliance. Thank you for bringing this game to the world!!!" – Karl Christian Aucamp, Worms 2 Player

With this second edition in the immensely popular series of turn-based strategy games, you command an elite team of 4 to 8 cute and lovable worms. Cute and lovable, that is, until the intense combat action begins!

Lead your squad against an opposing worm army, using any and all weapons necessary to get the job done. In Worms 2 there are many paths along the road to victory. Choose yours wisely!

Considered By Many to be the Best Worms Game Ever Made!

Exciting, wacky, crazy, challenging, addicting – adjectives cannot convey the fun to be had with Worms 2, and the only way to get the true experience is to give the game a try.

With their one-of-a-kind gameplay, unique 2D style, and interesting environments, the Worms games really are some of the most original games out there.

You've got dozens of weapons at your disposal, from bazookas, petrol bombs, shotguns, and air strikes to banana bombs, exploding sheep, falling concrete donkeys, and even The Holy Hand Grenade of Monty Python fame!

Grab falling crates for power ups and even better secret weapons. With such a great selection, combat doesn't get any better or funnier than this!

Tons of Options and Features for Your Enjoyment

Worms 2 comes with 45 different single player missions in campaign mode. For a quick game, play on a randomly generated map – replay value is high because you won't get the same map twice!

As you fight, the landscape around is affected by your weapons. If you have to, blow up whole mountainsides to get to the enemy!

Name each individual worm on your team. Customize weapon powers, terrain, sound options, even cheat codes. Choose the number of worms on each side in a particular game. With Worms 2, the possibilities are almost endless!

Hilariously Entertaining Voices and Sound Effects

Worms 2 is full of charming, comical characters . . . and they're all worms!

As the battle rages, your little cartoon-like soldiers make funny quips about the ongoing action. Their hilarious antics keep you laughing as long as you play the game.

You can also choose the accents your worms will speak with from lots of options – valley girl, redneck, and many more!

There's Always Someone to Play With or Against!

With such a wide variety of campaign missions and quick games against the computer, Worms 2 holds your interest even if you're alone.

Beyond the excellent single player gameplay, however, the game offers multiplayer options as well. Grab a friend and team up, each controlling some worms, or go head-to-head in a battle for bragging rights! Play hot-seat games on the same computer or play over a local network.

What the Pro Reviewers Say About Worms 2

  • "Every now and then a game comes along that is addictive, challenging, and entertaining all at the same time and yet can't really be explained as such to someone who hasn't played the game. Worms 2 is such a game." – GameSpot, 8.8/10 – Full Review
  • "In conclusion, I found Worms 2 to be fun, fun, fun. If you want a good game with a lot of replayability, this is the game for you. Once it gets a hold of you it won't let you go." – GameZilla, 92/100

If you've never played Worms 2, you are missing out so stop missing out and download Worms 2 now!