WWI Aces of the Sky - Action and Shooters Download Free

Are You Good Enough to Be the Next Red Baron?

In World War I: Aces of the Sky, experience the intensity of aerial dogfighting in its oldest and purest form!

The Great War was the first major conflict to include air combat, and now you can get in on the intensity!

Choose between fighter and bomber versions of the venerable triplane design made famous by the Red Baron.

You can always land at your base in the middle of a mission to refuel, reload machine guns or bombs, repair your plane, or even change planes!

Get a Little Pilot Training or Jump Right In

Never flown an airplane before? World War I: Aces of the Sky has plenty of training missions just for you.

When you're ready for the real thing, there are 30 single-player missions in a campaign-style format for you to work through. They give you a huge variety of combat objectives and environments!

  • Dogfight with enemy fighters
  • intercept bombers
  • strafe ground installations and warships
  • and protect friendly aircraft

You're a one-plane air force!

In-game Display is Clean and Free of Clutter

Easily keep track of your plane's important statistics – altitude, airspeed, and health indicators.

Your radar clearly plots the locations of other planes, ships, and ground installations, both friendly and hostile.

Flight controls are intuitive and extremely easy to learn, ensuring that anyone can get right into World War I: Aces of the Sky!

Let us take you back to a time when air combat truly tested the mettle of one man against another! Do you have the courage and skill to do what must be done?

Fire up your engine and find out and download World War I: Aces of the Sky. "Cleared for takeoff . . . chocks away!"

WWI Aces of the Sky Download Features

  • Choice of fighter and bomber planes
  • A huge variety of environments
  • 30 multi-stage missions to complete
  • Reload ammo, re-fuel, repair damage or change planes at airfields mid-mission