WWII Battle Over the Pacific - Action and Shooters Download Free

Lead the Battle in the Skies

In World War II: Battle over the Pacific, experience the intensity and adrenaline rush of air combat! Help turn the tide of the war fighting above the islands, jungles, and seas of the tropical South Pacific Ocean.

You can choose between two famous vintage airplanes, the P38 Lightning and the F4U-4 Corsair, depending on whatever the tactical situation calls for! You can always land at your base or aircraft carrier to refuel, repair your plane, or even change planes!

Multiple training levels plus many unique and exciting missions

Ease into the game gently, learning the ropes by flying training missions…or put yourself to the ultimate test by jumping straight into battle! Dogfight with enemy fighters, strafe ground installations and warships, and protect friendlies. You do it all!

Easy to learn flight controls let you get right into the action!

Never played a flying game before? Now is the time to start, because in World War II: Battle of the Pacific, the flight controls are quick and easy to learn. Pilot experience not required!

Excellent and simple in-game display

At one glance, view your altitude, airspeed, and health indicators. Your radar clearly plots the locations of other planes, ships, and ground installations, both friendly and hostile, and your targeting and bombing reticules make precision aiming a reality!

Travel back to a time when air combat truly tested the skill and mettle of one man against another! Do you have what it takes? Find out with World War II: Battle over the Pacific!