Xpand Rally - Racing And Driving Download Free

Editor's Update (10/29/14) – This is an older game but you can find a digital download, full version at Steam

Rally car heaven!

Xpand Rally is a breathtaking game with photorealistic scenery and great driving physics. Realistic weather effects, rolling hills, and animated scenery all add to the game's visual achievement. The game even features realistic "damage" to your car. Good luck driving with that broken windshield.

Not only does Xpand Rally look good, it plays good and alot of fun. Race through the various courses to earn money and upgrade your car for better performance. Buying fancy parts isn't enough though. You need to learn how to tweak your uprades to propel yourself to victory in each race.

Realistic physics

If you want realism, start up the game in Simulation mode. Careful driving will be necessary, the physics of the game respond to all kinds of impacts and oversteering. Tone it down a notch with Arcade mode if you just want to get used to the game and not worry about every little mistake you make at the wheel.

If you love rally racing and want a break from the crowded speedways, Xpand Rally is highly recommended. Try the free download version of the game and enjoy!