Youda Farmer - Task Management Download Free

Experience Fast-Paced Farming!

Here's your chance to harvest goods from your very own farm and sell them in the village! Experience all of the farm fun with none of the mess or stress.

Manage Harvesting and Selling Goods Quickly

You start out with only a flour mill on your small farm in this farm time management game. Harvest flour to sell at the village. You'll have to click quickly to fill all of the orders in time! At the village, you'll give each item you harvested to different vendors, such as flour to the baker.

Once you earn enough credits by filling orders correctly, you can buy more additions to your farm, such as pigs so you can sell meat or cows so you can sell milk. Work hard to make combos such as filling three orders for milk at the same time and plan ahead or you'll be losing orders left and right!

Be Entertained and Learn to Plan Ahead

Here's the fun way to learn how to plan ahead and effectively manage time! The realistic graphics, sound effects and grueling work schedule will make you feel like you really do own a farm. Enjoy the excitement of fast-paced clicking and split-second decision making in this wonderfully addicting time management adventure!

It's your farm-do you have what it takes to manage all of the harvesting and selling before time runs out?