Zhu Zhu Pets - Action Download Free

These Cute Hamsters Are Ready to Play!

Meet some adorable hamsters who are ready to rumble! Race them through complex tracks, from twisty towers to neon races to uphill maze races! Will you make it to the goal in time?

Race for the High Score!

Choose your cute hamster, get him into his racing ball and hit the track! You have a set amount of time to make it through each winding, exciting race track before it's game over.

Watch out for disappearing bridges, steep cliffs, spirals and more in each unique race track. Also enjoy Party mode where multiple hamsters try to stay on a platform, and Time Trials mode where you must complete each track in a small amount of time.

Exciting Fun for All Ages

This cute game will make you "ooh" and "aah" for countless hours as you rush to make it through each exciting race! Children will enjoy the adorable graphics and adrenaline rushes and adults can enjoy the relaxing simplicity of this game. Regardless of your age, once you start playing, you won't want to stop!

Add some cuteness into your life now with Zhu Zhu Pets!